​It’s being billed as an anti-energy drink, and rather than getting your heart pumping and giving you a caffeine boost, it promises “a one-week vacation,” “an acupuncture session,” and “a relaxation session” in every can. Slow Cow is a clever bit of counter programming for the booming energy drink market, and instead of offering the usual ingredients like caffeine, taurine, and guarana, Slow Cow offers calming alternatives like chamomile, passiflora, and theanine, which it says “increases mental awareness, helps in relaxation without causing sleepiness, reduces stress and anxiety, improves cognition, concentration and sleep quality.”

As you might expect, Red Bull was not amused by the name, logo, or aggressive marketing of Slow Cow and filed a formal request asking the company to close up shop and stating the packaging was copied from Red Bull. It’s a little surprising that a drink as “extreme” as Red Bull would get all bent out of shape about someone purporting to do exactly the opposite of what they offer. We’re thinking the Red Bull execs might want to grab themselves a can of Slow Cow and just calm down, since it hardly seems like this new competitor is going to be having any real effect on their bottom line.

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