ExperienceProject,com has put together a list of what they’re calling the “Top 10 Grossest Ice Creams.” The list contains some of the more experimental ice cream flavors you’re likely to come across, and includes items such as Parmesan ice cream and a chicken fried steak ice cream.

The picture below shows a slightly unorthodox asparagus and Parmesan ice cream:

Flickr: ntang

Although these types of ice cream might not get the kids jumping for joy or chasing after a shady looking truck that plays music, we’re not quite ready to write all of them off as being “gross” just yet. Well, alright, there’s a couple on the list that definitely push the boundaries of what we’d be willing to try, but placing astronaut ice cream at number three seems a tad harsh. Sure it’s disappointing, and not really ice cream, but it’s hardly gross. Now number one on the other hand, that qualifies as gross…

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