Having already offered up some quality restaurant options for anyone craving Chinese or Thai, it seemed appropriate to once again turn our attention back to Asian cuisine. From pho to banh cuon and authentic to fusion, the following restaurants each serve up quality Vietnamese fare. Here are 13 of the best Vietnamese restaurants from across the country.

Broward-Palm Beach

Pho 78

Walking into a Vietnamese restaurant can be intimidating. You’re probably there for a bowl of pho, the delectable rice noodle soup that is the country’s national dish, but what type of pho should you get? So many restaurants prepare pho so many different ways… even if you’ve had it before…More >>


Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant

How do we love Mai’s? Let us count the burn scars on the roofs of our mouths from all the times we couldn’t wait to dig into our chicken clay pot because it smelled too damn yummy. Yeah, we’re stupid that way, especially when it comes to Mai’s fiery baked blend of vermicelli noodles, black…More >>

Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant in Dallas


Kim Ba

Denver has about a thousand Vietnamese restaurants, and most of them are pretty good. But even in this ocean of eateries, a few stand out as truly special, and the best of all is Kim Ba. Virtually every plate that comes out of the kitchen at Kim Ba (and yes, we’ve tasted almost all of them) is a…More >>

Parallel Seventeen

On the one hand, Parallel Seventeen is like a Vietnamese tapas restaurant — the style having been co-opted by owner Mary Nguyen from the banquets once held by the Vietnamese royal family. On the other, it’s a proper sit-down restaurant that is almost fusion-y in its modern reinterpretation…More >>

Pho Fusion

We love the pho at Pho Fusion. We love the Vietnamese coffee and the noodle bowls, too. Also, we love the lo mein and the sesame chicken, the curries and the idea that all these dishes from all these differing canons can exist so comfortably together on one single, straightforward menu. Owner…More >>

Outside of Denver’s Pho Fusion


Thien An

What sets one pho apart from another? Quite simply, the broth. The longer it’s cooked, the more profound the flavor, and here they start the broths early so that by lunch, they’ve been simmering for quite a while. Thien An has all of the traditional cuts of beef, steak, brisket, flank steak…More >>

Kansas City

Sung Son Vietnamese Bistro

More than just the eighth wonder of the world, the all-you-can-eat buffet is as American as apple pie and as easy to come by as ranch dressing. But finding one that consistently serves up quantity and quality can be an elusive endeavor. Which is why the buffet at Sung Son in Westport is such a…More >>

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