Rumours East

Patio, schmatio. The structure that bridges the back door of Rumours East and the expanse of green lawn in the rear of the yard is a pergola, for Pete’s sake. The cozy arbor is multi-tiered to mimic the roofline of the Victorian home it accessorizes, and it’s furnished with sturdy wooden tables…More >>

Orange County

Back Bay Bistro

This excellent restaurant–surprisingly so, as it’s tucked in a hidden corner of an RV park–recently graduated from Back Bay Cafe to Back Bay Bistro. It’s undergone a stunning transformation worthy of its winning beach-grill cuisine, which ranges from burgers and sandwiches to…More >>



Pinnacle Peak Patio

These days, there aren’t too many reminders that Scottsdale is “The West’s Most Western Town,” a slogan coined by the city’s first mayor, Malcolm White, back in 1951. Heck, if it weren’t for the lack of an ocean nearby, the glitzy scene in downtown Scottsdale might even pass as Miami or L.A. But…More >>

San Francisco


From the outside, Arlequin looks like a pleasant small eatery, with counter ordering from a big wall-mounted blackboard menu, a refrigerated case full of drinks, and casual seating at a few simple wooden tables and chairs. But head back through the glass doors and you’re Alice in Wonderland….More >>



Copacabana Cafe

Martha Belaez Morrow’s parents opened the Copacabana Cafe in 1964. She took it over some years later and moved it to its current digs overlooking Pike Place Market, where it’s been for three decades. The food is of the South American variety, with a focus on Bolivia, where Belaez Morrow is from….More >>

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