New York

Katz’s and Mill Basin Deli

Robert Sietsema: I’ve always revered the kosher Second Avenue Deli for its hot corned beef, even as they’ve migrated northward, but non-kosher Katz’s remains the king of hot pastrami. Still sliced by hand, the scarlet, pepper-rubbed meat settles thickly on the rye bread like a sunburned bathing…More >>

Hot Pastrami at Katz’s Deli in New York


Pane Bianco

Chris Bianco and Susan Pool’s downtown pizzeria gets all the glory, but it also gets all the crowds. Meanwhile, their midtown sandwich shop is still all about the locals, a casual spot where the lines are never too long for a quick lunchtime pit stop. It’s counter service only, with everything…More >>

San Francisco

Roxie Food Center

You enter what looks like an ordinary, even unpromising, corner store that specializes in liquor, cigarettes, and a fridge full of soft drinks. But hidden behind a tall counter is a man — sometimes two — who keeps busy all day turning out big tasty sandwiches, made to order. Choices…More >>



Huffing and puffing up Pike Street, I’m always caught short by the delectable odor wafting from the kitchen of the Honey Hole, that awesome Capitol Hill sandwich joint. During ideal downwind conditions, you can smell the ingredients of classics like the Bandit and Gooch from blocks away. Even if…More >>

St. Louis

McLozzi Deli & Marketplace

Panini have become so commonplace in restaurants, delis and even the home kitchen that only the very best are worth mentioning. So do forgive us if we go on — and on — about the panini at this cozy corner deli in Benton Park. First of all, they’re grilled just right: The bread is…More >>

McLozzi Deli & Marketplace in St. Louis

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