Sometimes it’s hard to beat the elegant simplicity of a perfectly constructed sandwich. We’re not talking about Subway’s “sandwich artists” or Quiznos’ Toasty Torpedoes, we’re talking about the deli-style, meat filled, bits of goodness you tell your friends about. The sandwiches so good they’re worth going out of your way to track down on an extended lunch break and the ones that keep you coming back again and again. These 13 places from across the country know how to serve their sandwiches just right.

Broward-Palm Beach

LaSpada’s Original Hoagies

Throughout human history, countless innovations have changed the way we conduct our lives: Indoor plumbing. Sticky notes. MTV. But innovations in the realm of food, especially in something as common as sandwiches, are a rarer breed. This is why LaSpada’s Original Hoagies, a Broward institution…More >>

A small roast beef, ham, and turkey breast combo from LaSpada’s


Greenville Avenue Pizza Co.

We know this guy from Boston. Sort of The Friends of Eddie Coyle meets The Departed. We’re not saying he’s a wiseguy, ’cause there’s a little Fever Pitch thrown in there too, but the dude knows his meatball sandwiches. It’s no surprise, really, that he found one at the Greenville Avenue Pizza…More >>


Masterpiece Delicatessen

At Masterpiece Delicatessen, partners Justin Brunson and Steve Allee do some pretty amazing things with a little bread, a little meat, a little this-and-that. Their simplest creations — egg sandwiches, grilled cheese, turkey with pears and cranberry honey — show their command of the…More >>


Pesen’s Breads & Panini

There are showier sandwich shops, for sure, as well as ones that offer more choices. Want jalapeños with that tuna sandwich? Sorry, Pesen’s doesn’t do peppers. But the tuna is made daily from white albacore and pressed into a ciabatta bread panini with ripe red tomatoes — a limo to…More >>

L’Express Sandwicherie

Workers in the nondescript building at the end of San Remo are lucky indeed — in terms of lunchtime options, that is. Within a stone’s throw from this beige, Gables-bland complex that houses a Coldwell Banker branch, an oral surgeon’s office, and various other official-looking businesses,…More >>

L’Express Sandwicherie, the best hidden sandwich shop in Miami


Be’wiched Sandwiches & Deli

Gourmet sandwiches at Be’Wiched reflect the culinary résumés and foodie philosophy of owner-chefs Matthew Bickford and Mike Ryan. Bickford’s past includes D’Amico & Sons, Zander Cafe in St. Paul, and a three-year stint as executive chef of Solera in Minneapolis. Ryan cooked at…More >>


Mitchell Delicatessen

Not only did the arrival of Mitchell Delicatessen earlier this year help fill the East Side’s dearth of under-$10 dining options, it did so in grand style. How many restaurants in Nashville (or the country, for that matter) offer a lamb-with-mint-raita sandwich, a muffuletta and a Vietnamese…More >>

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