At this point we’ve covered just about every type of cuisine, but somehow Greek was mysteriously overlooked. Fortunately, it’s never too late to right your wrongs, and we’ve rounded up a few of the best restaurants from across the country if you’re looking to fill your tzatziki quota. Here are 9 Greek restaurants that have been awarded honors for their outstanding cuisine.

Broward-Palm Beach

Ouzo Blue

The dance of the seven veils makes a fine diversion, but no belly-wobbling, sphinx-eyed siren can stop a hungry stomach from staging its own entertainment: Sometimes you really want spectacular spanikopita rather than smashed crockery and drop-dead dolmades instead of dancing dames. Ouzo Blue…More >>

Outdoor Dining at Ouzo Blue


Kavala Mediterranean Grill

This Bishop Arts District restaurant put everyone interested in Greek food through a scare earlier this year when they abruptly shut down. Fortunately, chef Kelly Hightower reopened his cafĂ© a few days later. Times are tough, especially for chef-run joints. But one taste of his…More >>


Yia Yia Mary’s Greek Kitchen

Although no Greek restaurant in Houston has it all, Yia Yia Mary’s comes the closest. Once you get past the noise and the lack of intimacy, you’ll find the Pappas family serving up some insanely tasty classics, including buttery spanakopita, creamy taramosalata and the ever-popular saganaki. The…More >>

Los Angeles

Papa Cristos C & K Importing

In old-timey L.A. days, this area (Pico about two miles west of downtown) held an actual Greek residential enclave. Now the neighborhood is sub-Koreatown and primarily Latino, yet you can still find an incredibly ornate Greek Orthodox church and this quite useful and delicious grocery…More >>


Ariston Restaurant

Thanasis Barlos has been the proprietor of the highest Michelin-rated restaurant in Greece, as well as of Elia, a posh Mediterranean eatery in the Bal Harbour Shops. But when he and partner Michelle Shimon opened Ariston in February 2008, the goal was more informal. They wanted to serve simple,…More >>

“Simple, well-executed Greek cuisine” at Ariston

New York

It’s Greek to Me

For the meaty fare of the Greek mainland, check out It’s Greek to Me, a Jersey chain with an annoying name that offers killer zucchini fritters called kolokithokeftedes. More >>



In the middle of this parched desert metropolis, Greekfest is as refreshing as a balmy Mediterranean breeze gently wafting through a seaside taverna. With its pristine white walls and wood-beamed ceilings that remind us of the rustic charm of the Old Country, this friendly Greek eatery is where…More >>

Inside the Greekfest wine room.


Continental Pastry Shop and Greek Restaurant

American cheese on white bread has its time and place (2 a.m.; any diner in town), but no self-respecting adult orders off the kid’s menu for dinner. For a grown-up alternative, consider the grilled feta sandwich at The Continental Restaurant and Pastry Shop, a homey facsimile of a Greek taverna…More >>

St. Louis

Momos Ouzaria Taverna

In Greek mythology, Momos is the god of mockery, which essentially means he was the loudmouth jerk of Mount Olympus. After subjecting several of his brethren and sistren to his ridicule, he made the mistake of aiming his mockery at Zeus and got himself kicked off. So it might seem risky to name…More >>

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