Whether it’s with a waffle, paired with biscuits, or as a stand alone item, biting into a good piece of fried chicken can be a religious experience. Lots of places serve it, but very few get the formula just right. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a few of the best places from around the country to grab yourself some good ol’ fashioned fried chicken. All of these restaurants have won awards in their city, and each and every one of them will have you licking your fingers and cleaning your plate. Here are ten of the best places in the nation if you’re craving fried chicken.


Bubba’s Cooks Country

The Observer has given this place plenty of attention in the past, but still, after all these years the Texaco service station turned Art Deco restaurant remains the best place to get some authentic fried chicken. Like all comfort food, including its sister restaurant Babe’s Chicken Dinner…More >>

Bubba’s Cooks Country in Dallas


Coleman’s Soul Food

Henry Coleman, owner and head cook at Coleman’s Soul Food, which took over the space occupied for decades by Ethel’s House of Soul, knows from Detroit soul food, Detroit comfort food, Detroit’s streetside, slapdash, eat-while-walking cuisine. He’s a veteran lunchwagon cook from the city. Now,…More >>



Just across from the University of Houston, Frenchy’s is the perfect place to avoid cafeteria food and even make those freshman 15 worth gaining. Get in line at the drive-thru, or get in your exercise by walking up to the stand to order fresh fried chicken with just enough grease to make it…More >>

Los Angeles


I often find myself drawn to the peppery fried chicken at Bertha’s, a soul-food cafĂ© not far from Watts, and the crackly skinned fried chicken with fermented tofu at Mission 261 may be the best dish in that formidable Cantonese restaurant. The Buffalo-style fried wings at Ye Rustic Inn…More >>

Anne Fishbein
“Tiny, crunchy, juicy” fried chicken at Kyochon


Bourbon Steak

One could easily make a meal of the hearty bar menu at Bourbon Steak’s swanky temple of upscale comfort food, but risking arterial blockage is worth it for just one thing: the platter of fried chicken and waffles that’s offered only Wednesday nights, when the restaurant hosts a live blues band…More >>

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