With the New Orleans Saints heading for their first ever Super Bowl appearance, it seemed only fitting that we pay tribute to the city known for its incredible food. We’ve rounded up some of the best places in the country (outside of New Orleans) for scoring first-rate Cajun cuisine, and each of these nine restaurants have received local recognition for delivering nothing but the best when it comes to Cajun.

Broward-Palm Beach

Rosey Baby Crawfish & Cajun House

If you plan to take action on the advice given in any of these Best Of selections, let it be this: Run this instant to Rosey Baby Crawfish & Cajun House. Sit at one of the half-dozen bar tables. Order a bucket of crawfish boil; they come in one-, two-, and five-pound sizes. More >>

“This spicy little number feels like a New Orleans bar mysteriously picked up and planted in Lauderhill.”


Alligator Café

What can we say? There’s a lot of half-assed gumbo sold in this town, but Alligator Café ladles out a rich, reeking stew that oozes bayou. More >>


BB’s Cajun Cafe

BB’s Cajun Cafe isn’t entirely Cajun. Sure, the oyster poor boy with big, gooey crusted oysters is plenty Cajun. And so are the “Bedtime in the Bayou” shrimp sandwich and the spicy battered soft-shell crab on a roll. More >>


Re’Je’s Grab & Go

The Cajun specialty boudin (pronounced “boo-DAN”) is a sausage casing stuffed with a mixture of rice and organ meat. Appetizing, huh? It is if you’re buying it from a rice cooker at some Gas ‘n’ Sip near Lake Charles, La., where it may be the world’s greatest convenience-store food…More >>

New York

Maggie’s Cajun Grill

Poor hugely fat Paul Prudhomme! In the ’80s, he swept into town in his chef’s whites to establish a branch of his New Orleans classic K-Paul’s in Soho…More >>

Orange County

Johnny Rebs’ Southern Roadhouse

There is no better precursor to freshwater catfish, Cajun sausage or Southern-fried chicken than a hefty serving of fried okra. More >>

Inside Johnny Rebs


Baby Kay’s Cajun Kitchen

Cajun restaurants are few and far between in these parts, but thankfully there’s one place we can count on when we’re ready to let the good times roll: Baby Kay’s Cajun Kitchen. More >>

San Francisco

Cajun Pacific

Thanks to global warming and a small crop of interesting food choices from the relatively young establishments that now line the last few blocks of Judah Street, visiting the Sunset District side of Ocean Beach is a lot more pleasant these days for natives and transplanted locals…More >>

St. Louis

The Gumbo Shop

The Gumbo Shop’s hubby-and-wife owners, Sid and Mary Roberts, enjoyed long careers as U.S. Customs agents before dedicating their retirement years to a higher calling: crawfish étouffée. More >>

Outside The Gumbo Shop in St. Louis

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