The Bad Waitress
Pancakes have certain curative powers: to quell hunger, to soothe a broken heart over a gossipy brunch, and to help soak up the toxins from a legendary evening. They hold within their tenderly crusted surfaces a warm, buttery center of comfort that recalls one’s childhood security blanket. For…More >>

Orange County

Break of Dawn
Bowls of steaming-hot pho? Check. Poached eggs encased in tempura? Check. Créme brûlée French toast? A chef/owner from the Ritz Carlton? A 90-minute wait for brunch? Check. Check. Check. This is Break of Dawn, one of the sweetest Cinderella stories on the OC food scene and…More >>

Break of Dawn “does breakfasts like breakfasts have never been done before.”


T. Cook’s
Whenever we need a reminder of just how good we have it here in the Valley of the Sun, we have to head to T. Cook’s spectacular Sunday brunch to put ourselves in the right frame of mind. Just setting foot on the Royal Palms property is enough to lighten our hearts — certainly one doesn’t…More >>

San Francisco

Multiple Entries
Brunch can be a relaxing and delightful meal, not to mention affordable. Diverse settings range from a noisy factory-inspired box with cement walls and floors to a bucolic backyard patio that transports you far away from city streets. And the basic egg has changes rung on it from Down Under to…More >>

St. Louis

La Dolce Via
Although the decadent brownies and cakes sold at La Dolce Via ensure that the restaurant lives up to its name — translation: “the sweet way” — the corner spot’s weekend brunch menu really hits the sweet spot. A bowl of peaches and cream is sublime; the tartness of the fruit only…More >>

La Dolce Via in St. Louis

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