There’s something magical about a great brunch. It can help salvage a disappointing weekend or upgrade a good weekend to legendary status. It’s not just about having peel-and-eat shrimp, ice sculptures, and an endless buffet (though those things don’t hurt); it’s about finding the right mix of diverse and high quality dishes. Here are 10 places from across the country that hit the nail on the head and offer a fantastic brunch.


The Dream Cafe
A self-described “urban retreat serving wholesome global cuisine,” this eclectic and artfully decorated restaurant offers healthful and delicious lunches and dinners, but we’ll focus on the breakfast and weekend brunch. The “cloud cakes,” made with ricotta cheese, are the perfect…More >>

The Dream Cafe in Dallas


On Sunday morning, we worship at the church of Lola, which doubles as a coastal Mexican restaurant the rest of the week. Sliding into our pew (make that booth), we give thanks for the basket of homemade breads (occasionally even pseudo-Pop-Tarts!) with which you can start the meal, for a menu…More >>


Apart from the fabulous food served here every Sunday, it’s also the best bargain in Houston with a sumptuous buffet priced at an incredible $12.99 per person. And as if that weren’t enough, bottomless mimosas go for $7.99 and bottomless sangria for $8.99. Start out with a warming bowl of sopa…More >>

Kansas City

Blue Bird Bistro
There’s little debate among drunkologists that the moral guilt accompanying a hangover is inextricable from the physical symptoms — sometimes the former rages even stronger than the latter. For example, the effects of dehydration are nothing compared with the recollection of wearing…More >>


Level 25
Last night some reckless gentlemen by the names of Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniel took a crowbar to your liver and beat the bejesus out of your gastrointestinal tract. Or at least that’s how you feel this morning. Like a steaming pile of turd smacked you in the face. Like a small,… More >>

The Bar at Level 25

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