It’s the most important meal of the day, and a great breakfast place can quickly become a part of your weekly routine. Here are 13 breakfast places that won’t disappoint.


Cindi’s New York Delicatessen
This is one of those hotly contested categories that people are willing to go to the mat over, so it’s never easy coming up with a winner. You’ve got your biscuits-and-gravy crowd of the Mecca and Metro variety, who swear on the beehive of their favorite waitress that their local diner holds the…More >>

Cheese Blintzes at Cindi’s


Radda Trattoria
Everyone knows the classic French breakfast is half a pack of Gauloises chased with two café au laits and the dregs of last night’s wine. The second-best French breakfast? That would have to be a brioche, a little butter, a little bacon…and the dregs of last night’s wine. While Radda is…More >>

The Corner Office
In London, the butchers from Smithfield Market celebrate the finish of a long day with a couple pints of Guinness, some beans and a plate of black pudding. In the swing-shift industrial towns of Northern China, men put away bowls of congee rice porridge and yu za kuei (fried crullers) before…More >>

Waffle Brothers
When hunger strikes on the 16th Street Mall, the mighty Waffle Brothers, John Power and Rod Dupen, are at your service. Starting with a warm, Liège-style Belgian waffle — caramelized around the edges thanks to the inclusion of importe nib sugar in the batter — as a base, the…more >>

Kansas City

Happy Gillis Café & Hangout
The guys at Happy Gillis are pleasers. One morning, when we couldn’t choose between bacon and sausage for our “American Breakfast Sandwich,” the men in the small open kitchen behind the cash register happily made, for a little extra dough, a monstrous sandwich stuffed with crisp slices of bacon,…More >>

Los Angeles

M Café
M Café’s wheat-free blueberry pancakes top the list, and not just because I have a blueberry fetish, but also because they’re crispy on the outside and warm and comforting on my insides, especially drenched in fake vegan butter and maple syrup. Plus, they’re served into afternoon hours on…More >>

M Cafe in Los Angeles


Croissant D’or
If there is one thing for which we have to thank the French, it’s the croissant. Every breakfast aficionado knows the flaky pastry is the étoile de petit déjeuner. If you commute around downtown, you have probably missed Croissant D’or, which is nestled among a multitude of other…More >>

Green Gables Cafe
Ana Rabel and Laura Alfonso, proprietors of this health-oriented breakfast and lunch spot in Coral Gables, are a mother and daughter team. That’s uncommon in the restaurant world, and so is their dedication to serving organic fruits and vegetables in eco-friendly containers. Green Gables…More >>

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