?Personalized labels are hardly a new concept, but for at least one spirit, customized messages just got a bit of a face lift. Medea Spirits has brought personalized labels into the 21st Century, using a “technology that satisfies the need for self-expression and personalization in the digital age.” Okay, so their website’s copy might be getting a little bit carried away, but the new personalized bottles do offer an electronically programmed message that “unleashes your inner poet, your inner philosopher, your inner flirt.”

We’re not quite sure how useful this particular concept is, and there’s definitely something about the prospect of combining drinking with a programmable LED display that makes it highly unlikely poetry or philosophy will be at the heart of any compositions. If it’s not enough to have your friends verbally abusing you while downing a healthy amount of spirits, now the bottle can join in the fun as well. That’s called progress.

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