Fruit beers are definitely a polarizing brew. Some people will maintain there’s no such thing as a good fruit beer, but, as was the case with the recent heatwave in Seattle (a city that doesn’t believe in in-home air conditioning), sometimes the crisp and refreshing taste of a fruit flavored beer does have its place. We’re not saying you should just embrace every fruit beer on the market, but if you’re a bit skeptical about flavorings in your beer, you could certainly do a lot worse than to try the beers listed below. These five fruit flavored beers might not be for everyone, but they’re definitely a great way to beat the heat.

5) Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale

​Billed as “a beer lover’s fruit beer,” Great Divide’s Wild Raspberry Ale has won multiple awards and recently ranked among the top 10 fruit beers at the US Open Beer Championship.

4) Pyramid Apricot Ale

​One of the Pacific Northwest’s best selling fruit beers, Pyramid’s Apricot Ale is a former gold medal winner at the 2000 US Beer Tasting Championships.

3) Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s Black & Blue

​At 10% ABV, Black and Blue packs considerably more punch than the other fruit beers on the list. It’s a Belgian style golden ale that has been fermented with blackberries and blueberries (hence the name) and is perfect for sipping while you’re tending to the barbecue on a hot day.

2) Samuel Smith’s Organic Strawberry Ale

​The gold medal winner from this year’s US Open Beer Championship, Samuel Smith’s Strawberry Ale is soft, subtle, and extremely complex. It’s definitely an example of just how good a fruit beer can be when it’s done right.

1) 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat

​Billed by the brewery as “summer in a pint glass” Watermelon Wheat might be one of the few fruit beers you don’t get tired of drinking after the first pint. Individually, watermelon and beer are already two great ways to beat the heat, but combined into one magic can, it’s the perfect summer brew.

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