Elmira Stove Works website

​Any company selling appliances with the tag line, “The latest advance in the way things used to be,” is going to be interesting.

At Elmira Stove Works, their specialty is kitchen appliances, namely stoves and refrigerators (a kegerator even makes an appearance on their website)…but they’re retro – really, really retro. One of their feature products is a wood-burning stove based on designs from the 1800’s, and while it seems a bit impractical, it’s actually very beautiful and pretty darn cool. The stoves, according to the site, are fully functional off-grid, so if you want to cook after a natural disaster, you’re pretty much covered, and all the while, keeping that 18th century charm.

Other specialized products include a vintage-like kegerator in bright fire-engine red, and, well, why would we need to go any further? Is it too greedy to ask Santa for a really specialized kitchen set from this place?

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