​What is and isn’t good for you can easily change from source to source. However, there are certain food items we all know full well just aren’t good for us (donuts and onion rings possibly being a part of that list.) On the flip side of that coin, some food items are so heavily promoted as being healthy that we can’t help but think we’re doing ourselves a favor when we hunker down to snack on this “good for you” alternative to our usual junk-food routine.

Examiner has chosen to take a giant dump right on our soul, by “exposing” 10 foods you think are healthy but aren’t. Aside from a couple “does-anyone-really-think-this-is-healthy?” type entries like diet soda and peanut butter, the rest of the list is littered with items we congratulate ourselves for eating when we’d rather be enjoying a quesadilla or over sized sandwich instead. Much like milk and eggs, (one of which is actually on the list) we’ll try to just ride these “health facts” out until someone else publishes information telling us they’re actually healthy again. After all, who wants to make dietary compromises and not even reap the benefits of smugly congratulating yourself on a job well done?

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