?In case you haven’t heard, Food Network is, apparently, not enough to satiate the American public’s need for food-related television programming. The Cooking Network joins the family of lifestyle channels owned by Scripps, which includes the Travel Channel, Food Network, DIY Network, Home and Garden TV (HGTV) and Great American Country. Cooking Network will replace the current Fine Living Network (FLN).

A sampling of the new programs on the Cooking Network include Food Jammers, a show where three dudes build food-related contraptions, Foodcrafters, where the lovely Aida Mollenkamp (of Ask Aida) travels our fine country discovering hand-crafted stuff, two shows focusing on Indian cuisine, a mixologist-hosted cocktail program, a Caribbean cooking show and lots of other things, including some reruns of Julia Child and Galloping Gourmet, with Graham Kerr.

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