Flickr: Refracted Moments

A man pretending to be a waiter stole a total of $186 in cash on Thursday from two different restaurants in Hoboken, New Jersey. His method was as simple as walking up to the tables and asking patrons if they needed anything else before paying. When the customers provided him with the cash to settle their bill, he pocketed the money and quietly exited the restaurant. Even though we’d like to think there was a ninja-like smoke cloud involved and he magically vanished, chances are he just walked out the front door.

Even if this type of thievery hardly qualifies as an Ocean’s Eleven style heist, it is still a much classier robbery than the guy who grabbed cash from the register and sprinted for the door. Also, we can only assume the fake waiter must have awkwardly had to tell several patrons the card reader wasn’t working before finally finding someone willing to pay in cash. It seems like the important lesson here is don’t just hand a wad of cash to any random guy wearing khakis and a button down shirt.

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