In what was only the 41st ever sighting of a megamouth shark, a group of fishermen in the Philippines recently caught one of the extremely rare creatures. But, what do you do when you catch an animal so rare it’s not even classified as endangered because there just isn’t enough data on it? Why you cook it up and see how it tastes, of course.

Despite urging from the World Wildlife Fund not to eat the megamouth shark, it was reportedly “butchered and its meat sauteed in coconut milk as a local delicacy.” We’re not sure how something that’s so rare it has only been spotted 41 times could qualify as a “local delicacy,” but since the megamouth shark isn’t officially a protected species it’s not as if the fishermen did anything wrong. Plus, once the creature was caught and dead, there’s no harm in at least getting some good food out of the whole deal. We’re guessing it tasted just like Panda, but there’s no way to be sure.

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