We’ve written before about the our love of all things tequila, and even mentioned a few great options if you’re looking for an affordable premium tequila. However, this time around we’re putting quality on the back burner and focusing entirely on the aesthetics of the bottle. Everyone knows you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it still never hurts to have a few beautiful or amusingly covered books on your shelf. Likewise, these 10 exceptionally creative tequila bottles can enhance your bar and make for a great conversation piece the next time you find yourself mixing margaritas for friends.

1) Casta Gusano Anejo Tequila



2) El Teporocho Reposado Tequila



3) Milagro Romance Tequila



4) Dona Carlota Tequila Pistolero



5) Clase Azul Tequila



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