​Dunkin’ Donuts has recently started offering five new flavors of savory doughnuts at each of their Korean locations. From the graphic above, we’re operating under the assumption that it’s a “festival” of some sort, and the countries that scored their very own culturally inspired doughnut flavor are Japan, Korea, Greece, India, and Spain. Serious Eats has reported that the Korean flavor is in fact Kimchi, and judging from the picture, it actually looks more like a sweet bun than a doughnut.

Meanwhile, the Japan-inspired creation is soy-filled, while Greece’s doughnut is a yogurt-filled concoction that one reader called, “sort of a tangy, custard-filled thing.” We’re not sure what flavors India and Spain received, but if anyone is in the mood to translate we’d be most appreciative.

Via Serious Eats

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