​Earlier today published a story discussing the various health benefits you can get just from drinking tequila. The article, simply titled, “Tequila is good for you” cites a couple of studies, one from The University of Guadalajara and another from Unbound Medicine, both concluding that (in moderation) tequila can have some significant positive effects. The article concludes by citing Natural Health Remedies as stating, drinking tequila will give you:

  • 54% less chance of developing dementia
  • 30-40% less chance of developing diabetes
  • 0.5% less chance of having a stroke

So, now that you know tequila is all that’s preventing you from being a senile diabetic, we suggest you reread our list of 10 premium tequilas, run to the liquor store, and head home to pour yourself a nice stiff drink.

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