​Watching delivery sales plummet over the past 12 months is one thing, but finding out that your company’s pizza ranks at the bottom of the barrel (tied with Chuck E Cheese’s no less) when it comes to taste has got to be pretty demoralizing. Thankfully, Domino’s pizza is heading for a reboot, and will be giving their time-tested (and questionable tasting) recipe a complete overhaul. Starting December 27th, the nearly 50-year-old franchise will unveil its new formula, calling upon bloggers and critics of the brand to give their opinions on the new pizza’s taste.

We’re assuming that after the atrocities of the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, a franchise killer on par with Batman and Robin, pretty much anything else is going to taste good in comparison. However, after years and years of being associated with cardboard discs of disappointment, it will most likely be an uphill battle regardless of whether the change is for the best. Plus, we don’t need another major chain telling us to “Unthink” what we already know about their food.

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