Saying, “It’s got everything you need after a workout,” Dairy Australia is claiming chocolate milk has major benefits in assisting post exercise hydration and recovery. The claim stems from a recent study in which cyclists underwent a glycogen depletion workout and were then given four hours to recover before undergoing a separate endurance test. The cyclists were separated into three groups, with one receiving a sports drink, one receiving a fluid replacement drink, and the other receiving chocolate milk.

Of the three groups, the cyclists that had consumed chocolate milk performed considerably better in the endurance test, out riding the sports drink group by 51 percent and the fluid replacement group by 43 percent.

A press release on the findings contains a quote from Dairy Australia dietitian Glenys Kerrins saying:

“Milk is a sports drink plus a whole lot more. Being about 90% water, it is ideal for re-hydration and contains an ideal natural mix of carbohydrate and protein to help refuel tired bodies. Plus it packs a nutritional bonus of calcium and seven other essential nutrients (including potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D and B12, riboflavin and niacin).”

While it’s hard not to think that Dairy Australia might have some small agenda in promoting the health benefits of milk it’s still an interesting study. And, regardless of the post workout advantages, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing coolers full of milk on NFL sidelines anytime soon.

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