Competitive eating is serious business, and with some competitors winning well into five figures for showcasing their skills as a human garbage disposal, it’s not surprising that the sport has been rapidly expanding. Bar Louie’s recent “Rock the Tot” contest was decidedly less prestigious than Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, with a $250 gift certificate and a champion’s belt standing in lieu of the $20,000 first place prize money on offer at the World Series of competitive eating events. Still, in spite of its smaller scale, that hardly detracted from the event’s ability to horrify spectators with the obscene amounts of food being consumed.

Winning the highly coveted (or at least contested) champion’s belt was Carl Deselm, who consumed an impressive 3 pounds and 5 ounces of Tater Tots in a paltry 6 minutes, edging out his nearest competitor by just one ounce.

Footage from the event can be seen below, and a full recap is offered at Gut Check, our sister blog from Riverfront Times.

As lifelong lovers of tots, we certainly embrace the spirit of eating them to excess, but dousing them with water and mashing them up in your hand still seems incredibly wasteful.

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