Felony Franks, a Chicago hot dog stand set to open in a few weeks is creating quite a controversy over its name.

The hot dog stand is undertaking a mission to provide ex-cons with jobs, but at least one community representative does not approve of the restaurant’s theme. Alderman Bob Fioretti is concerned that marketing the hot dog stand with slogans like, “Food so good, it’s criminal” and “Home of the misdemeanor wiener.” is making light of criminal behavior. Meanwhile the owner asserts the restaurant’s name and theme will only help alleviate part of the stigma placed on ex-offenders when they’re released from prison.

The controversy has escalated to the point where Fioretti is attempting to deny the owner a permit to place a sign near his restaurant. However, owner Jim Andrews insists Felony Franks will open as planned, with or without a sign.

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