In either a pointless and moderately believable April Fools Day prank or an awesomely inspired new way to fatten people up, Frito-Lay sent out a press release yesterday claiming they would be releasing new Giant Cheetos. While the tongue-in-cheek comments about “big mouths” being able to enjoy them in a “single chomp” lead us to believe it’s all just an amusing concoction to get some free press, the story was picked up by MSN and FoxBusiness, who are both treating it as if it’s legitimate news.

The choice really boils down to, do you believe Cheetos has enough good humor to push an April Fools Day joke, or do they have so much humor they’d decide to manufacture and market Giant Cheetos? The more we think about it the more we’re leaning toward the latter, and with a few blogs showing packaging and samples, Giant Cheetos might just be the real deal. Either way, this whole thing seems like it can’t be good for anybody.

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