What Is CandyCan?

CandyCan provides a new way to take your vitamins. Traditionally, vitamin gummies are hindered by their serving size, especially if you’re someone who has a sweet tooth. It’s impossible to eat just one or two gummies, but after eating a few too many, you may be putting yourself at serious risk.

Candy Can provides an alternative. They are gummy bears that provide all the benefits of your traditional vitamin gummies but also allow you to indulge in a larger portion without the fear of harm. CandyCan treats are gluten-free, plant-based, allergen-free, non-GMO, and nut-free. The gummy bears have no added sugar alcohols, so they are low in both carbs and calories.

These benefits are never-ending! The gummies are also keto and high in fiber.

CandyCan gummies offer great flavor with boosters depending on what you are looking for. Depending on which you choose, there are flavors both sweet and sour. The boosters vary with options including immunity, focus, and sleep.

The packaging is super sleek with full details of the nutritions per serving. Each serving comes pre-packaged and pre-portioned (6-8 pc) with colorful packaging! 

Made of all-natural ingredients you truly can’t go wrong. CandyCan gummy bears are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

The CandyCan gummy bear is a great source of Vitamins A, B, and C. The gummies have a low glycemic index, providing a great source of protein. They believe gummies can be both delicious and nutritious. The flavors are scrumptious being made with real fruit juice, free of any artificial colors or flavorings.

Is CandyCan Worth It?

We recently tried these gummies out to see what the benefits were and if they are worth the value. We discovered that CandyCan not only provided gummies that contained supplements, the gummies themselves are actually a lot healthier than traditional gummy bears.

Many traditional gummy vitamins contain the desired supplement but are jam-packed with sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. CandyCan Gummies contain all the sweetness of a traditional gummy, however, use alternative sweeteners to retain their sweetness such as clean label monk fruits and stevia.

All of that considered, they definitely do not skimp out on the taste. These little gummies are jam-packed with flavor and deliciousness. 

Their site states that you can enjoy the entire bag because Candy Can has only 2g of sugar, 60 calories, and 3g net carbs per bag. To be honest, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the portion or taste alone. You sort of just have to take their word for it, because these genuinely taste like candy.

The site is completely transparent with their nutrition and ingredients, which is significant for a company that makes health claims. 

There are a few options for saving as well, as you can either make a one-time purchase of a 6-bag variety pack or sign up for a subscription service to save 15%. New customers are also able to save an additional $5 on their first order when signing up for their email subscription, which is a pretty significant value. 

How Are They Made?

Candycan gummies are made in a variety of ways. The most popular method is to use a mold, which Candycan gummies are then poured into. Candycan gummies can also be made by hand, using a rolling pin to flatten the Candycan mixture and then cut it into small pieces. The Candycan mixture can also be dyed with food coloring to create a variety of colors. Candycan gummies are typically coated with sugar, cornstarch, or another type of powder to prevent them from sticking together.

With unmatched yummy flavors and high numbers of nutrients, you must wonder how they are made! Each recipe has its own secret sauce! Packed with flavor and nutrients, depending on which you choose, varieties vary! Some are multiples of 6 packs, others are 8 packs.

At CandyCan, the most important ingredient is always love!


Want to know what’s so great about the focus gummies? How about their natural ability to enhance mental clarity without jittery caffeine shots and energy drinks? One serving of focus gummies provides half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine from the premium clean ingredient Coffeeberry Fruit.

This combined with their premium Alpha GPC improves data and memory retention while L-Theanine allows you to put a laser focus on a single project instead of thinking about 10 things at once. Clean energy, no jitters, great gummy bear taste = Win, Win, WIN!

The focus gummies include the following nutrients:
  • L-Theanine: an amino acid that helps your mind chill; stop stressing about 10 different things at once
  • Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Extract: half a cup of coffee’s worth, so you’re not bouncing off the walls with a huge crash later on
  • Alpha GPC: transports necessary nutrients to your brain, which will thank you by providing improved information & memory retention
  • Lion’s Mane: an ancient medicinal mushroom (not that kind!) that has long been used to cure brain fog, improve mood, and boost focus


CandyCan brings its customers a new generation of delicious immunity gummies that boost wellbeing and bring some deliciousness to your daily life. Bringing together health and happiness in the form of healthy candy is something that they are thrilled to bring to the masses.

The immunity gummies include the following nutrients:
  • ElderberryBerries and flowers: superfood packed with antioxidants and vitamins, giving your super berry power to fight off infection
  • Vitamin C: contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions including repairing your body
  • Vitamin D: Long proven to help stave off infection, and more (recent studies have shown Vitamin D helps fight immune diseases like Covid)
  • Turmeric, Curcumin: compound found in turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help to boost immunity
  • Black Peppe: makes turmeric bio-available for your body, so you’re truly absorbing the nutrients in our gummies



CandyCan sleep gummies make it easier to fall asleep quickly at bedtime and may help you stay asleep longer without waking during the night. If you’re having issues with your sleep cycle, CandyCan‘s sleep gummies can be an effective part of your nighttime routine!

Unlike most sleep aids, these sleep gummies contain only safe and natural ingredients that won’t make you feel groggy the next morning or give you a sugar high when you need to get some sleep. Get ready for some oh-so-sweet Dreams!

The sleep gummies include the following nutrients:
  • Magnesium Glycinate: highest quality, most easily absorbed form of magnesium with calming properties that help to reduce insomnia, anxiety, and stress
  • GABA: reduces mental stress, eases anxiousness, and creates a calmness of mood which will help you achieve sweet dreams
  • L-Theanine: an amino acid that helps your mind chill; stop stressing about 10 different things at once
  • Ashwagandha, an ancient adaptogen that improves the quality of sleep, so you can get back to counting sheep


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to spend a minimum amount to place an order?

No! You do not need to spend any minimum to place an order. Shoppers have a large assortment of delicious gummies that they do not need to buy a specific number of. You can do a single checkout no matter what! Simply choose the item, add to cart, and checkout.

Can you snack on them at nighttime?

Being a night snacker, CandyCan sleep is the perfect post-dinner treat.  Just a few in, you will feel the sleepiness kick in. Once your head hits the pillow,  you will be out until the next morning.  If you aren’t looking for sleepy effects, there are classic gummies with great berry flavors!

What are the main benefits?

All of CandyCan gummies are gluten-free, plant-based, allergen-free, non-GMO, and nut-free. The gummy bears have no added sugar alcohols, so they are low in both carbs and calories. The gummies are also keto and high in fiber.  


CandyCan gummies have proven themselves a worthy spot in your pantry or medicine cabinet– something you can’t say about typical gummies. Gluten-free, plant-based, allergen-free, non-GMO, and nut-free the gummies are also low in both carbs and calories and have no added sugar alcohols!

Candy Can’s benefits are never-ending with recipes including Magnesium Glycinate, L-Theanine, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Alpha GPC, and GABA. 

Whether you are in the mood for classic gummies or gummies with health benefits, you are granted both. From sweet to sour, all of your taste buds will be fulfilled. Candy Can’s promotions and discounts will ensure a great deal and satisfaction! The team at Candycan are firm believers that “food is medicine”. While they understand that food shouldn’t taste like medicine, CandyCan tastes great and will not have you worried about how much sugar is inside those delicious gummy bears.

We loved our experience with CandyCan and know that you will love yours!

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