Whole Foods definitely has a bit of a reputation as being on the more expensive side of grocery shopping. However, when it comes to buying organic, or even just tracking down some hard to find ingredients, Whole Foods rarely disappoints. So, when I stumbled across an article in the Smart Spending section of MSN’s Money Blog about how to spend less at Whole Foods it immediately caught my attention.

For the most part, the tips consist of where you can find various coupons, and the usual stuff about buying the store brand whenever possible. However, the bigger question is whether or not you can actually shop at Whole Foods for the majority of your groceries without breaking the bank. Personally, I’ve always used it as a supplemental grocery store if I’m in need of specific meats, produce, or random items for a particular dish. So, does anyone actually shop at Whole Foods for more than 50% of their groceries, or is it more for special occasions?

Either way it might be worth it to read the article and try saving a bit of money the next time you treat yourself to some high-end grocery shopping.

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