In yesterday’s roundup we discussed the Burger King commercial for the Texican Whopper, and how it was generating some controversy for using stereotyped images of Mexicans. Well, the LA Times is reporting the complaints from the Mexican ambassador to Spain have paid off, and Burger King will be pulling the ad “as soon as commercially possible.”

“I don’t know what stereotypes you’re talking about.”

From the picture above it’s not hard to see how some people might interpret the commercial as being a wee bit culturally insensitive. However, it’s kind of surprising Texans weren’t equally outraged by the perfectly groomed, metrosexual cowboy pictured below.

He can’t even open a jar of pickles. What kind of cowboy is that?

In either case, maybe it’s best if this commercial just disappears and we’re left with more realistic Burger King ads like the one where a swarm of beautiful women go absolutely nuts over BK Burger Shots.

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