Atlantic Buffet

The Atlantic Buffet is the kind of place where, the first time you go, you just shout out to your friends in delight, “They have apple pie!” Imagine that, in the sea of a hundred or more items…More >>

The DIY Mongolian Spread at Atlantic Buffet


Wild Wasabi

Cummins Station’s track record with restaurants rivals the Hindenburg’s with air-traffic safety, but Kisung Kim’s popular Korean-Japanese lunch spot not only keeps tenants from fleeing the premises, it actually draws clientele from the neighboring Frist and nearby offices. The reason: a $10 AYCE…More >>

Orange County

Asia Buffet

We know you’ve been burned by the likes of it before: Chinese buffets with cornstarched glop they call sauce and chunks of leather they try to pass off as meat…More >>


T. Cook’s

We’re not sure what Heaven is like, but we imagine it to be something like T. Cook’s lavish, all-you-can-eat “Mediterranean market buffet” brunch. Like the romantic Royal Palms Resort itself, brunch here is beautiful beyond belief, as mouthwatering as the glossy pages of food porn in Gourmet…More >>

Inside T Cook’s at the Royal Palms in Phoenix

San Francisco

Sunday Jazz Brunch at the Garden Court

At $59 per person ($35 for children under 10), this meal might not seem like a good value. But if…More >>

St. Louis

Flavor of India

The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is as much a part of the Indian restaurant experience as naan, pappadam and tandoori chicken…More >>

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