If this episode were a dish, it would be described as, “brother versus brother with a hint of lesbian that can’t legally marry getting offended by bachelor/bachelorette themed challenge.” Oh those crazy producers. As we predicted, kicking off straight, white, non-tattooed, mid-western innocents while keeping easily offended Jesse Camp look alike Ashley for future gay centered controversies.

Immunity and money is this year’s twist on the quickfire challenge, and for the chefs, this has to be the best Top Chef ever. That, and the fact that Padma is still a judge (at least for the males and a few of the women contestants).

Hey hermanos! The brotherly competition heats up when slightly more alternative Michael V. shows up his sous vide lovin brother’s undercooked fish in the quickfire. Is the $15,000 he wins contingent upon him mentioning “GladWare” in conversation? Somehow, we weren’t surprised when the other brother, Bryan won the elimination challenge, even though Michael’s goat cheese cookie seemed more appetizing than a guacamole macaroon, but when you’re downing shots of tequila, perhaps it tastes better than it sounds. We’ll venture to say this might be the first challenge won with a dish involving corn nuts. Corner stores, watch out, we foresee a resurgence of the molar-breaking road trip snack in the coming days.

Lesbians unite! Ashley and Preeti seemed to bond over a cup of gayness and a lack of equal rights in the world of matrimony. They also bonded in the bottom four when their dishes completely underwhelmed the judges. If Ashley was so offended, why did she decide to make two dishes instead of sticking to her acclaimed watermelon carpaccio? Perhaps she was comforted after seeing how lame a hetero joint bachelor/bachelorette party could be (from what we saw on the show). We’re pretty sure the groom to be was crushed when Padma did not sport a bikini for the tasting.

Next episode we predict more ridiculous Vegas references, boring Haitian dude getting kicked off and hopefully more juicy controversies involving brothers, lesbians or heaven forbid, food.

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