​If you’re not over the limit, you’re not having fun seems to be the mantra at The Attic, a bar in Newcastle that’s using a breathalyzer to determine whether its patrons have enough alcohol in their system to be deemed sufficiently sloshed. If a customer of The Attic is not exceeding the legal limit by last call, their bar tab is refunded for the evening because, as the club’s promoter puts it, “We’ve failed in our mission.” Additionally, the person who blows the highest BAC is awarded with a free entry into the next week’s event. The controversial marketing ploy has drawn the ire of local authorities, who are complaining about not only the encouragement of excessive drinking, but the exceptionally low prices The Attic is charging for their drinks.

So, just to clarify, the drinks are super cheap and if you opt to only have a couple there’s a good chance your tab could be comped. Yup, that sounds like it should be priority number one for local officials. Looks like Newcastle is trying to be the British equivalent of the town from Footloose.

Via Asylum

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