A couple months ago we wrote about the controversy surrounding a Scottish Brewery that had released an 18.2% alcohol by volume beer. Now, as a response to critics who called the beer “irresponsible,” and railed against the unusually high alcohol content, BrewDog Brewery has released their newest beer: Nanny State.

Nanny State is a pitiful 1.1% ABV, and is now receiving backlash from critics for having a name that, “is failing to acknowledge the seriousness of the alcohol problem facing Scotland.” Although BrewDog founder James Watt has pointed out:

If logic serves the same people who witch-hunted and publicly slated us should now offer us heartfelt support and public congratulations. However I fear that this, unfortunately, is an arena devoid of logic and reason.

Obviously BrewDog has done a great job of leveraging their recent controversy to get as much publicity as possible, and we can’t wait for their next beer, “Learn How to Take a Joke ESB.”

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