Even though some might argue that steak ain’t what it used to be, there’s absolutely no substitute for a perfectly cooked piece of premium beef. There are still plenty of steakhouses that know how to cook things up just right and can offer diners a piece of grilled perfection. Here are 11 of the best steakhouses from across the country.

Broward-Palm Beach

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

You know this is an indulgence of the most gluttonous sort. You know you shouldn’t go often. But you’re smart about it; you try to go with different people most of the time. You coyly suggest it on birthdays and anniversaries — yours and theirs. Just driving by, smelling the steaks,…More >>

Sirloin served up Rodizio style at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse


Ounce Prime Steakhouse

The flatiron steak here is sure to curl your toes. It’s a quantum leap richer than most steaks, woven as it is with a harness of fat that melts and leaches into the meat fibers. It relegates the bulk of prime beef to the sub market sector in one clean cut. It’s called akaushi…More >>


Capital Grille

We’ve eaten at every steakhouse in this steakhouse-heavy town, and we’ve never found anything that tops the Capital Grille. Everything about this restaurant — from the hand-cut steaks and perfectly set tables to the flawless service, cool lunches and killer weekend dinners — is a…More >>


Del Frisco’s

Sure, this is the place to see and be seen, and it’s been so ever since it opened its doors. Sure, the decor is superb (it was the most expensive build-out in the city’s history). Sure, it’s one of the largest restaurants in the city (it seats 400). Sure, it has the most expensive and extensive…More >>

The “tomahawk” cut Kobe rib eye at Del Frisco’s

Kansas City

The Range Steakhouse

No, you don’t have to be a high roller to enjoy the meat at the dark, quiet steakhouse inside the bustling Harrah’s Casino, although high rollers do often eat there — using their comp credits. For the nongambling contingent, the 16-ounce, traditional-cut Kansas City strip isn’t just tender…More >>

Los Angeles


Mastro, Arnie Morton’s, Wolfgang’s, BLT Steak, Ruth’s Chris, the Palm — the city is awash in expense-account steak, empurpled slabs of rare, prime beef seared on 1,000-degree grills, and ideally accompanied by a bottle of California cabernet that costs as much as your first car. For years,…More >>

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