We’ve talked about some of the best places to get a hamburger and told you some of the things you need to know about fish and chips, but both these menu items are often only as good as the fries they’re served with. So, in an effort to pay tribute to the accompaniment that’s usually stuck playing second fiddle, we’re offering up a list of 11 of the best places to get some first rate fries.

Broward-Palm Beach

Hurricane Grill and Wings

It’s doubtful the great French Fry Debate will get settled in this century, much less in a single issue of New Times. But let’s throw down the gauntlet here. The finest fries on which you will ever sear your tongue are doctored fries. They’re adulterated and tweaked, they’re cosmetically…More >>

Hurricane Grill and Wings in BPB


Jake’s Hamburgers

The decision to upgrade to sweet-potato fries with your next meal at Jake’s Hamburgers is not one to be taken lightly. Not so much because they cost a buck or so more than french fries, but because plain old french fries will never hold quite the same appeal after you’ve experienced Jake’s sweet…More >>


Encore Restaurant

When Encore opened last December, it came equipped with some cool history, since it occupies part of the old Lowenstein Theater, and great neighbors — Twist & Shout and the Tattered Cover. Encore also has a classic long bar, an interesting menu and savvy owners (the folks who brought…More >>


Goode’s Armadillo ­Palace

Armadillo Palace serves up some great Texas bistro fries. Thin cut with skins on and ­sprinkled with just enough seasoned salt, these fries are perfectly paired with a side of Goode Company’s famous BBQ sauce. The ­secret here is frying them twice, so they’re crispy on the outside and…More >>


Bourbon Steak, A Michael Mina Restaurant

Fries come fat, skinny, lightly colored, darkly colored, curlicued, shoestringed, Texas-cut, crinkle-cut, spiced, spicy, and salted to vastly varying degrees. So in the past, our pick for finest might have been influenced by a personal bias toward one style or another. But when Bourbon Steak…More >>

Bourbon Steak in Miami


Red Stag Supper Club

There’s something sad about a pale French fry. That little slice of potato was brought close to reaching its potential of crispy goodness, and then denied. Lost to incorrect oil temperature, overcrowding, or some other laziness in preparation, and often over-salted in a sad attempt to compensate…More >>

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