Sometimes the best meals come from the restaurants you’d least expect. Unpretentious and unassuming, a great dive restaurant is one of those little secrets you whisper about to your friends and keep returning to time and time again. With that in mind, here are 10 hole-in-the-wall restaurants from across the country we feel compelled to share with you.


Star of Siam
Sometimes you don’t want snazzy d├ęcor or a big dining room filled with fashionable souls. You just want some good ethnic food in a little, low-key joint. If this is you, Star of Siam is your place. The family eatery is small (and so is the parking lot), and it’s best to bring cash. The…More >>

Star of Siam in Dallas


Tacos D.F.
Tacos D.F. began its life as a taco truck — a great taco truck that worked the fertile territory along South Parker Road. Although it now has a roof, walls and a real address, it isn’t anything more than a great taco truck with a roof, walls and a real address. In keeping with a…More >>

Kansas City

Teresa’s Drive-In
Unless one is a devotee of this unassuming, family-owned drive-in on the city’s East Side, it’s perfectly logical to whiz right past the charmless building. But the thick burgers are delicious and inexpensive, and because there isn’t really a dining room here, it’s hard to resist eating them in…More >>


Lee’s and Dee’s Barbeque Express
It’s gotta be a rule that fanciness and great barbecue are mutually exclusive. We’ve just never found decent ribs in a place with padded booths and linen tablecloths. Lee and Dee Smith have been churning out the Cities’ most consistently excellent barbecue for 15 years, and their little…More >>

The Wienery
This West Bank dive might be the messiest restaurant in the city, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a great dog. The meat is Vienna Beef brand and so are the buns, which are speckled with purple poppy seeds. The man manning the grill, owner Pat Starr, with his trademark beard and stocking…More >>

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