Orange County

But the Diedrichs aren’t the only one who know how to roast a bean in these parts. The marvelous, full-bodied taste of Kaffa! coffee is so extraordinary it’s a small wonder the place was founded by a biochemist. But apparently the same drive that had Justin Wong mixing chemicals in…More >>

Kaffa! in Orange County

Kéan Coffee
This remains the closest thing to a perfect cup of coffee in Orange County. Kéan coffee beans are hand-roasted by owner Martin Diedrich–yes, that Martin Diedrich, son of the man who founded Diedrich Coffee in Costa Mesa after moving here from Guatemala 40 years ago–to bring…More >>


Au Petit Four
We love everything about Au Petit Four, from the strong coffee and the case full of colorful pastries to the outstanding omelets. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to come to this tiny cafe, but even if there were just one — that is, their amazing croissants — we’d still make a…More >>

San Francisco

Cup of Blues
Do you love a good cup of coffee but have zero interest in elitist foodie culture? Do you long for that first espresso in the morning but couldn’t care less if it’s made on a La Spaziale or an Ala Di Vittoria? Are you sick of dealing with highly refined attitude and even higher prices in hipster…More >>


Honey Bear Bakery
Fall, to the cynical Seattleite, is a mash-up of dying leaves, dreary rain, and rapidly darkening days. The only thing worth getting out of bed for is the arrival of pumpkin muffins in coffee shops and bakeries across the city. Why the delicacy has become an exclusively fall thing I’ve never…More >>

The Honeybear Cafe in Third Place Books (Seattle)

St. Louis

Shaw’s Coffee, Ltd.
Coffee drinkers know that the closer you are to a cup of coffee, the better, and experienced coffee drinkers know the corollary: The closer the cup of coffee is to you, the better. Now, the Midwest is a fine place to grow a lot of things, but not coffee beans. The bean is nothing before it’s…More >>

Park Avenue Coffee
Of all the foods native to St. Louis, gooey butter cake requires the least explanation to outsiders. Toasted ravioli isn’t really toasted, you see, it’s deep-fried. Provel, that controversial amalgamation of cheeses, has inspired more angry letters to the editor of this newspaper than any other…More >>

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