There are few things better than a good cup of coffee and a relaxing place to sit and enjoy it. And once you’ve found a great coffee shop, you’ll typically find yourself returning again and again. With that in mind, here are 15 of the best coffee shops in America, each one guaranteed to have you coming back for more.

Broward-Palm Beach

El Rincón Catracho Restaurant
Uggg. 3:30 p.m. Spreadsheets. E-mails. Fading. Internet? YouTube. Dick-in-a-Box. Giggle. Boss! Minimize. Work. Clients. Sales. Drowsy. Coffeemaker? Tar. Soda machine? Coinless. Crinkled. Finicky. Kick? Sprain. Doh! Eureka! El Rincón! Cafesita? No. Con leche. Yes! Sugar! Milk! Espresso!…More >>


Gachet Coffee Lounge & Books
Sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re going to be in the mood to read. A fashion rag, a novel, a good nonfiction narrative or just a book of pretty pictures. Thanks to Gachet Coffee Lounge & Books, there’s no need to lug around a back-breaking bag of reading materials to ensure a good…More >>

Dunn Bros. Coffee
This year, Starbucks Coffee instructed their cafes to start prominently displaying the date that the coffee beans they are serving as their “freshly brewed coffee” was actually roasted. Helpful for coffee connoisseurs, but the problem is that Starbucks, like most coffee shops, still brews up…More >>


City, O’ City
At City, O’ City — the all-things-to-all-people coffeehouse/restaurant/hangout that Dan and Michelle Landes opened in the former home of their original WaterCourse Foods — everything is laptops and nose rings, hummus, leg hair, Lou Reed on the stereo and twig-and-berry ascetics…More >>

Denver’s City, O’ City

Kansas City

Black Coffee
Sliding out from under the covers to start the day can be rough, especially for anyone who feels sexiest while rolling around in bed. The morning transition is a lot less harsh with the promise of a Between the Sheets at downtown’s Black Coffee. The blend — dark chocolate, white chocolate,…More >>

Los Angeles

Psychobabble Coffee House
It happened slowly: I clipped the edge of my cup and the raspberry mocha went flying, like a liquid tongue, in the direction of a very nice man from Ealing. It missed his laptop by inches and formed a hazardous pool around the plugs and cords at our feet. I was wired, just like the Internet…More >>


Kopplin’s Coffee
Andrew Kopplin thinks most coffee is crud, which is exactly why you should drink his. The veteran barista opened his own shop in 2006, where he sources his beans selectively and brews them by the cup in a fancy new $10,000 machine called the Clover. (It’s the coffee geeks’ new favorite toy, as…More >>

The Perfect Espresso at Kopplin’s

New York

Cafe Sutra
We’re crawling out on a shaky limb here, but the best bureks in town are made by the husband of the proprietor of Sutra, a coffee bar near Green-Wood Cemetery. The moist and hearty spinach is our favorite. More >>

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