Best Seafood Subscription Box Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

These days, who has the time to hit the grocery store? Between work, keeping fit, seeing friends, your family, enjoying a hobby, and wandering around the store is at the bottom of all our lists, especially when finding seafood.

Sure, seafood is a delicious and nutritious addition to our diets, but finding fresh and affordable seafood seems like mission impossible and one we just can’t do in our grocery stores.

After all, if you are an evening shopper, how can you be sure the seafood is fresh? The last thing you want is a stinky Tuna in your refrigerator! 

But there is another way, one we are thrilled to tell you about! That’s right, seafood subscription boxes!

Hand-picked, fresh seafood, pulled straight from the ocean, and delivered to your door! No longer do you need to worry about the freshness of the fish, just which box to choose from!

There are loads on the market, but luckily for you, we did all the hard work and are proud to bring you the best Seafood Subscription boxes and some handy buyer’s tips to help you make the right choice today!

Without further ado, let’s get right into it! 

Best Seafood Subscription Box Reviews

Vital Choice 

Let’s kick things off with the best and our top pick today, Vital Choice! You might have seen or heard others rave about this subscription service, and honestly, it’s easy to see why! If you are someone who craves seafood and more, you can’t beat Vital Choice

The monthly subscription box is packed full of sustainably sourced wild seafood shipped to your doorstep in an eco-friendly insulated box. What’s more, the shipping is free too!

You get a choice between three subscription boxes, wild salmon, wild fish, and wild seafood box. All the food is sustainably sourced and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, so you don’t need to worry about where your fish came from. 

The boxes offer various products, and the portions come recipe-ready so you can cook with them easily! No matter the box you choose, there will be plenty of fish to last you the month. 

It is worth noting that although these boxes are fantastic, you can’t customize them or change the content of your subscription box.

While this is not an issue for most users, some might struggle! In these cases, keep reading because we have some fantastic boxes coming up that can be customized!

Thankfully, the selection of seafood in these boxes is excellent, so we don’t think you will find fault with the choice!

What’s great about this subscription box is that you can pay as you go!

There are no nasty or surprising charges so you can relax and enjoy your tasty and fresh seafood!


  • Sustainable seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council
  • Fantastic options that  will  suit a range of diets
  • Fish portions are recipe-ready to save you the fuss
  • Pay as you go service, no hidden fees
  • Good range of seafood 


  • The  contents of the boxes cannot be changed

Now that our top choice out of the way, let’s take a look at the other fantastic seafood subscription boxes you can get your hands on!

Lobster Anywhere

Lobster lovers in the room, rejoice! There is a box tailor-made for you! That’s right, LobsterAnywhere is a seafood delivery service sending, you guessed it, Lobsters across the US!

These beauties are shipped out from Maine, the Lobster capital of the United States! The Lobster is delivered to almost all states, too, so you don’t need to miss out!

Shipping takes place all year round too, and is quick, so you won’t need to wait long for your Lobster craving to be satisfied! 

The Lobster you receive is incredibly high quality too, and there are plenty of choices!

Choose from cooked lobster meat, lobster rolls, New England clam chowder, bisque, lobster trails, lobster, and wait for it, live lobster!

That’s right,  live lobster delivered to your door, what a time to be alive!

There’s so much more choice on their website, too; there’s no way we could do it justice in today’s article! Be sure to check out the gourmet surf and turf package; it’s the perfect meal for any event or dinner! 

Trust us, and thank us later!

Unlike other boxes, LobsterAnywhere isn’t a monthly subscription service, and you will have to order each box separately.

We know it’s not as convenient as other monthly subscription boxes, but it’s worth the hassle of ordering when you fancy lobster.

It’s worth taking the time to join the rewards program while you are there too! You can save money by joining, and who doesn’t want that? 

For the lobster lovers, it’s a delivery service you won’t want to be without! 


  • High-quality lobster guaranteed 
  • Fast all-year-round shipping 
  • The rewards program allows you to save money
  • Wide range of goods  you can purchase 
  • Delivers to almost every state 


  • No monthly subscriptions offered 

The Crab Place

Crab Place

For those who love Crab, The Crab Place is the only subscription box you need! The subscription box will travel from Maryland to your doorstep and provide you with fresh and delicious crab!

What’s more, they deliver all across the US so that you won’t miss out no matter your zip code!

The crabs can be ordered either live or steamed, and there are even same-day catches only included in their shipments, so freshness is no option! You can even upgrade to VIP as well for free shipping. 

It’s worth noting there’s an extra cost to upgrade, and you should factor this into your budget when deciding on your subscription box. The box will come with an inventory, and all seafood comes from the Chesapeake Bay region. 

There’s a  product satisfaction guarantee to provide you with peace of mind and compensate you should anything go wrong.

There is also a newsletter with information about deals and events and online access to loads of fantastic recipes; the chowder ones, in particular, are not to be missed!

We bed you are wondering, this all sounds perfect, what kind of crab do I get? Well, there is so much choice! You can choose from: 

  • Crab cakes 
  • Crabmeat
  • Lobster tails
  • King crab legs 
  • Oysters 
  • shrimp

We know, fantastic isn’t it? It’s worth noting that some live crabs might die in transit. It’s not common, but it’s best to be aware of it before making your purchase!

If you love all things crab, then what are you waiting for? Order with The Crab Place today!


  • All inventory comes from the docks in the Chesapeake Bay
  • Online recipes for lots of tasty dishes
  • Wide selection of crab to choose from
  • Product satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping available 


  • Some live crabs die in transit 


Ocean Box

For those that want flexibility, Ocean Box is possibly the best option for you! You get to choose the delivery date that works best for you, so you never need to worry about missing your delivery again! It also means that you can get the box when it suits you and enjoy fresh fish easily! No longer are you a slave to delivery slots and eating fish on days that don’t work with your diet.

Shipping is super fast too, the fish is on your doorstep within three days of the fish being caught, meaning it arrives fresh and tastes fantastic when you cook it! You will need to check your zip code, though, as Ocean Box does not deliver to all areas of the US. You can check this easily on their website, and we recommend doing it to avoid any disappointment!

There’s a fantastic range of fish to choose from and a good selection of plans so you can find the best option that fits you and your family’s needs. What’s excellent about Ocean Box is that you choose how much fish you want to be delivered and how often you want it delivered. It’s this flexibility that sets it apart from other subscriptions on the market. 

Ocean Box also has fantastic customer service on hand to answer any emails or queries about your boxes. They can also help you select the best plan if you are unsure which one is right for you! It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular subscription boxes on the market, so why not get in on the action now?

They also run an online blog that features plenty of health tips, articles, cooking links, and posts! Find new and exciting ways to cook your fish and maintain a healthy lifestyle too. The blog is updated regularly, so you will never be short of ideas! 


  • Lots of fresh fish and plans to choose from
  • Flexible shipping allows you to select your delivery day and slot
  • Adjust the fish portions to suit your household 
  • Fantastic customer service via email correspondence
  • Becoming increasingly popular across the country


  • It doesn’t ship to all of the US



For the adventurous fish eaters in the room, we have the box for you! SizzleFish offers a truly customizable box that you are sure to love.

The vacuum-sealed fish is wild-caught and delivered to your door for your convenience. Order as a one-off or a subscription and enjoy fresh and tasty fish at home!

There are three boxes to choose from, and each comes packed with a wide variety of products that will undoubtedly tickle your fancy! You can choose from crab cakes, salmon, sea scallops, wild sockeye, and more, tailoring the box to your tastes. 

Being able to customize your subscription box completely sets SizzleFish apart from its competition and makes it the perfect choice for those who know what they like or want to be a tad more experimental! 

Choose from their wide range of fish and have 14 cuts delivered to your door, ready for you to cook and enjoy!

The shipping is fast too, and there is no charge on shipping for subscription boxes, a definite plus! You can cancel or change your subscription easily, too, allowing you to tailor the box to your needs truly.

While there is a wide range of fish species offered, it’s worth noting that some of the fish species are farmed. For those concerned about the sustainability of fish and their food, this box might be one to avoid. 

However, SizzleFish offers fantastic flexibility, customization, and fresh fish with every order! 


  • Can be ordered as a one-off or subscription service 
  • Cancel at any time or change your box easily 
  • Free shipping on all subscription boxes 
  • Wide range of fish species available
  • Vacuum-sealed fish is fresh and tasty


  • Some fish species are farmed 


Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company

Do you enjoy wild-caught seafood? Then you are going to go wild for the Wild Alaskan Company’s subscription boxes! These are packed full of high-quality seafood that you just don’t get in your local grocery stores! 

The boxes offer a range of meats and plans, meaning you can find the one best suits you! Choose from white fish, sockeye salmon, or the combo plan boxes!

All the fish is flash-frozen in a freezer straight from the vessel, so its freshness is guaranteed! You can expect fantastic tasting seafood delivered straight to you. 

The seafood is all individually wrapped and features sustainable packaging. The boxes include minimal plastic, and the box itself is made from recyclable materials. 

What’s more, the insulation foam is compostable too! Those with green fingers or concerned about the environment will love this box!

Wild Alaskan Company’s deliveries remain cold for a long time once they arrive,  so you can be assured that the seafood is fresh and safe for you to consume!

If you have any concerns about the freshness of your seafood, check out the FAQ section below for some handy tips! 

The fish comes from the  Pacific Northwest or Alaska, and the company is relatively open about its fishing practices. The wild-caught seafood tastes fantastic, and so far, we have not been disappointed with the freshness!  

We know it all sounds so good; what could be wrong with this subscription box? Well, the boxes only come as monthly or bi-monthly options! For most customers, that’s fine, but for those that want fish more frequently, it’s probably not the box for you!

That said, if you want freshness and excellent tasting wild-caught fish added to your monthly shop, then the Wild Alaskan Company is one you should consider!


  • Flash-frozen fish to guarantee great flavor and freshness
  • Cold boxes that stay  cold after arrival
  • Eco-friendly packaging and  wild-caught fish
  • High-quality fish 
  • Excellent selection of choice for your box


  • Only  monthly or bi-monthly subscription options available

Now that we have looked at the best Seafood subscription boxes and delivery services, let’s cover some areas you need to focus on and answer your burning questions before making your purchase! 


Fresh or Frozen?

As you will see when looking at subscription boxes, there are different delivery methods, with fresh or frozen being your choices. It opens the debate up: is fresh or frozen fish better?

In all honesty, the answer changes across the world!  While we are always told fresh is best, this is not entirely true when it comes to fish.

If you don’t live next to a fishing hole, then fresh probably isn’t your best option. Even “fresh” fish we see in stores was probably frozen at some point; otherwise, the fresh fish would go off in transit to the store!

We see flash-freezing, which allows fish to maintain its freshness and great taste until it hits your table! Frozen fish, provided it’s frozen quickly, is likely to maintain the necessary nutrients and gives you more time to consume the fish! 

It’s a personal choice, but we would opt for frozen fish to offer you more flexibility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here!

Where should I buy seafood?

You should always buy your seafood from a  reputable and sustainable source. These days, sustainability should be an essential factor when purchasing your seafood! 

Do your research and find out if your seafood boxes are farm-raised or wild-caught, and ensure that they meet the correct standards before parting with your cash!

Avoid purchasing seafood from unknown sources or anyone who cannot tell you where the fish came from and how long it’s been out of the water.  These are things you need to know! 

Where should I buy fresh fish?

When purchasing fresh fish, you can opt for local fishmongers, your grocery store, or the subscription boxes we have looked at today!  When purchasing fish, you should check that it’s still fresh and meets the correct standards.

When your subscription box or fish order arrives, you should check its freshness. You can do this by using the following tips: 

  1. Check the  seafood is  cool to the touch when it  arrives 
  2. Check the rating of  the service and that the location has a license 
  3. Check the seafood for any discoloration or odors. 

Where should I buy fresh seafood near me?

We recommend finding your nearest fishmonger or fish market if you are after locally caught seafood. You will also support a small, local, and usually independent business by purchasing fresh seafood this way!

Alternatively, you can purchase fish from your local grocery store or use the subscription boxes we have discussed today. You can search for ones in your local area too! 

For those that aren’t quite ready to jump on subscription boxes, check out what’s available in your local area!

Just be sure to use the tips we mentioned earlier to ensure the seafood is fresh and safe for you to enjoy!


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