As you’ve probably gathered from some of our other posts, we sure do love drinking wine. However, once the bottle has been opened, finding a use for the cork is usually the furthest thing from our mind. So, when we stumbled across an MSN Smart Spending article titled 25 things to do with used corks we were curious what sort of clever suggestions they’d have in store. Unfortunately, after reading through the list of ideas, we’re still pretty much content to toss our corks right in the recycle bin and focus our attention on the bottle of wine instead.

Despite our lack of concern for all the amazing things you can apparently do with wine corks, we’re wondering if other people actually put them to good use? Surely, we can’t be alone in thinking the cork outlasts it usefulness the second it’s plucked from the bottle. What does everyone else think? Is anyone actually reusing their corks?

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