In international news, 7 people were hospitalized as a result of ingesting blowfish that had been prepared by an unlicensed chef. If you’re familiar with The Simpsons, then chances are you’re already pretty knowledgeable about Fugu, and well aware of the potential hazards you face when eating it.

Look how smug he is.

On Monday night, the 7 diners ordered sashimi and grilled blowfish testicles, but became ill following the meal. They were rushed to the hospital where doctors worked to keep them in stable condition until the poison subsided. Because there is no known antidote, all doctors can do is work to support the respiratory and circulatory system until the effects of the poison dissipate.

Even though the vast majority of fugu poisonings result from people catching and attempting to prepare it at home, this nervous Westerner still thinks the benefits of eating blowfish might not outweigh the risks.

However, if you absolutely must eat blowfish, it seems like the best idea would be to order it at a restaurant and demand to see the chef’s license. Yeah, it might be incredibly rude to question a chef’s credentials, but if hairdressers and cab drivers are forced to display theirs then anyone preparing something potentially fatal should probably be able to offer it up on request. Just a thought.

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