Adventures in Steampunk Cake Decorating

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What happens when you mix steam and cogs into cake? A whimsically romantic fantasy of a “time that never was” gets baked into a treat that’s ready to eat. Whether you think Steampunk style is stupid or stupendous, there is something to be admired about these scrumptious steampunked cakes.

“Steam Punk” style


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The growing subculture of steampunk often can be associated with decorations of gears, gauges and cranks, rivets and studs, bronze, copper or gold, and lots of rust. That’s certainly not all the identifying features, but these steampunk style cakes have all the bells and whistles.

Think Outside The Box


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Steampunk combines a science fiction fantasy of technology with a Victorian era viewpoint. The mechanical wonders created are powered by steam and not electricity. Steampunk-style cakes showcase that kind of thinking-outside-the-box mentality. They come in all flavors and varieties, including fashionable leather and goggles. These cakes are only as limited as the creator’s imagination…and perhaps cake-decorating skill level.

Cupcakes and Flying Ships


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The cake with gears and a steampunk wedding topper has tiers of cupcakes that have “ball-bearings” on them. The cupcake stand was a DIY project by the bride and groom before “Jaydee and Michael’s Vintage-Inspired Catholic Wedding and Unpretentious Futurepop Reception.” Clever Cake Studio created the airship cake for her husband’s 28th birthday. It was inspired by several steampunk and fantasy flying ships, including the one from the movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Goggles and Rayguns


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Hurry Up, Cakes whipped up a tribute cake to the work of Dr. Horrible. The goggles are 100 percent fondant and the “Death Ray” has to do with Dr. Horrible getting into the “Evil League of Evil.” Rayguns are also often associated with steampunk-style. The cupcakes created by Toastwife have a raygun, spaceship and a robot.

Steampunk Wedding


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You’ve seen a variety of steampunked cakes made for birthdays or “just because.” Serious steampunk enthusiasts incorporate steampunk into their wedding and reception. Laurie & Trent’s wedding cake was topped with steampunk robots. Chelsie and Francesco’s wedding and cake was more about having fun than following rituals. It doesn’t get much better than couples being true to themselves infused with having a good time.

Wedding Cakes

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Liz and Austin’s steampunked wedding cake was entirely edible. The metallic gears, doors, rivets, and panels were all made of fondant. Brian and Judy’s steampunk wedding included what they considered the “best wedding cake ever.”

Groom’s Cake


(image credits:Bill Glover,Bill Glover)

Bill Glover was pleasantly surprised by this magnificent steampunk groom’s cake. It was created by Bronwen Weber of Frosted Art. The gears, gauges, rivets and copper tubing details, as well as the colors, truly pay homage to the steampunk genre.

Wedding Cogs & Gears


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Here are more examples of wedding cogs and gears. Siouxzi and Alan’s wedding had blue gears on their cakes. Mike’s Amazing Cakes created the edible cogs for “celustig’s” steampunk Myst cake. Wild Cakes had such a good time with four layers of gears and cogs, she bought the robot couple topper and had custom gear cutters made. Hugo and Madison’s cake topper was hand molded and painted.

Corsets and Cogs – A Steampunk Wedding Cake?


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If anyone knows what it takes to be called steampunk, then that would surely be The Steampunk Workshop. In a wedding TV challenge, designers were given what a bride would consider to be her dream wedding cake. “The aim was to create something totally out of the ordinary and a one in a million cake.” Intermingling with tiny cogs, some of the flowers were touched with brass and bronze coloring. The back of this cake was a laced corset.

Steampunk Meets Anthropologie


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Corey and Topher’s wedding cake is held in a brass pipe cake stand, complete with gauges and nozzles. When Photographer Crissy Farah creatively collaborated with event designers Sugar & Fluff and wedding coordinator of Platinum Weddings by Kerrie, their design inspiration included the hottest trend of industrial design, the Steampunk movement. Their efforts resulted in what they like to call “Steam Punk meets Anthropologie.”

Punked Style?


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From the studded robot cake to “That Takes The Cake Cake and Sugar Art Show’s –
2010 A Cake Odyssey”, steampunk is working its way into the mainstream. So, if you want to think outside of the box and decorate a cake that will really be remembered, consider steampunking it.

Steampunk Squid

(image credit:Me Me’s Treat Boutique)

If you want to do more than bake or decorate your cake, then consider sculpting it like this steampunk cephalopod. Me Me’s Treat Boutique has a handle on what qualifies as steampunk, such as Nautilus and Nemo and this giant squid. Now that’s some serious steampunk awesomesauce!

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