Chocolate is universally loved. This all-encompassing love fest has spawned many iterations of the brown and roasty confection. Here are just a few we thought you might find bizarre and intriguing.

1) Breathable Chocolate

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The article from yesterday provided us with the idea for this list, so, of course we had to pay homage again to the chocolate you inhale, aka Le Whif. We think of it as an inhaler to save PMSing women and other chocolate cravers from severe attacks in which vending machines are toppled, and innocent chocolate bunnies are decapitated.

2) Chocolate body paint

Which is exactly what it sounds like…sort of like a never-nude (if you’re a big Arrested Development fan). With an array of flavors, who wouldn’t be able to resist spreading sticky stuff all over their body and having someone else lick it off? Probably a lot of people. But for those adventurous lovers out there, just don’t get it confused with hot chocolate, or there could be an ER visit in your future.

3) Chocolate Pasta

Flickr: prettywar-stl

Possibly the only thing more disturbing or exhilarating since the dawn of the chocolate pizza is the emergence of the chocolate pasta. More for novelty than for taste, these brown noodles can be served with whipped cream, raspberry sauce or anything else to help you forget you’re eating pasta that happens to be chocolate flavored. We’ll just stick to our boring ol’ pie, kthxbi.

4) Hotel Room

Not that we know of after the Godiva Valentine’s day promotion ended in 2008, but at the time, it was pretty amazing. From the chandelier to the couches, a room bedecked with Godiva goodies was won for two nights by a lucky couple that bought the winning box of chocolate. Established for a short time in the already swanky Bryant Hotel in New York City, it was not advised to sit in the chairs unless you wanted a delicious stain similar to that of an embarrassing gastro-intestinal accident.

5) From a Fashion Show

Flickr: ccho

Is there anything better than scantily clad models strutting their stuff on a treacherous runway? Why, yes there is something better, for dudes anyway – scantily clad models wearing clothes made of chocolate. For most women, I imagine the answer to that first question would be the model falling on that treacherous runway, maybe in a puddle of chocolate…

6) Jesus?

Whether it’s the Tom Waits song Chocolate Jesus or the actual sculpture cheekily named “My Sweet Lord,” who would have thought there’d be more than one way to enjoy a cocoa-flavored savior? The sculpture exhibit was canceled due to public outrage, btw, so we guess you’ll just have to enjoy the idea of it instead of the actual exhibition.

7) Body Scrub


When you need a little skin sloughing, this should do the trick – if you don’t eat the entire container of this lovely Bella Luccè sugar body scrub first. Made with Peruvian chocolate, sugar and other all-natural ingredients, you can get rid of those nasty calluses and that chocolate craving all in one showering. Just keep it out of the path of ants, as they seem to crave chocolate as well. Too bad we know this from personal experience.

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