4) Drinking Fat Bastard’s Stool Sample (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me)

The faux British accent might have been played out long ago, but this gross out scene still has a bit of staying power. It’s not so much the will he drink it or won’t he suspense, but the all out chocolaty smear on his lips when he does. Absolutely horrifying.

3) Sautéed Ray Liotta Brain (Hannibal)

When you’re trying to impress the FBI agent that’s trying to hunt you down, there’s really only one thing you can serve: the brains of her a-hole boss, of course. Watching Ray Liotta’s brain get carved out and cooked table side would be bad enough, but the fact that he’s still alive takes the grossness factor up a peg.

2) Divine Eats Poop (Pink Flamingos)

Seeing as how the movie bills itself as “an exercise in poor taste” it’s not overly surprising that this John Waters classic would make its way onto the list. When it comes to gross movie moments it’s hard to top watching the film’s star Devine calmly bend down, grab a fresh dog turd, and place it in his/her mouth. If you want to skip directly to the section of the clip in question, 9:24 marks the spot. But, you might be better off just skipping this one all together.

1) Semen Filled Donuts (Van Wilder)

(video opens in a new window)

Despite being neck and neck with video number 2 as the most disgusting food related movie moment of all time, we’re giving a slight edge to Van Wilder’s semen filled donuts if for no other reason than the way the “filling” oozes all over the faces of those Delta Iota Kappa douche bags. It’s one thing to decide you’re going to willingly eat shit on film, it’s an entirely different thing to get tricked into guzzling dog semen.

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