Father’s Day is right around the corner, and just like any other Hallmark holiday it means you’re obligated to head to the store and buy a gift just so you can prove you’re not a total asshole. Even though dads tend to be more forgiving than moms when it comes to holidays with no real merit, that’s still no excuse to shirk the responsibility of being marginally thoughtful to one of the two people considerate enough to give you life. Fortunately Daily Fork is here with some food-related gift ideas to help you stay in good social standing this Father’s Day.

1) Cheese of the Month Club

Let’s face it, clubs are cool and cheese is fantastic. The number of people who wouldn’t love being gifted into a cheese of the month club is a small sliver on either side of an extremely wide Venn diagram.

2) Whiskey


Whiskey is a man’s drink, and nothing says, “I love you, but I will never tell you that” like silently handing pops a nice bottle of hooch. No card necessary.

3) Omaha Steaks

This one’s a bit of a cop-out, but it still gives dad a chance to shine in the one culinary activity almost every man takes pride in: grilling. Plus, you’ll likely score bonus points if you splurge for the bacon-wrapped filet.

4) See-Gars (or other Manly Candies)

When in doubt, candy is always a solid standby. But, since buying dad a heart shaped box of chocolates just won’t fly, we’re recommending something more along the lines of See’s chocolate cigars (See-gar’s) or a similarly manly candy.

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