The Best Teas For Your Brain & Body

Whether you’re asleep or simply unaware that you are thinking, your brain is always processing information. In fact, the average person has approximately 70,000 subconscious fleeting thoughts each day. Surprising, right?

Regardless of how active your mind may be, it may not always be performing at its expected levels. This can make it difficult to recall information, solve problems, and concentrate on tasks. 

So if you do find yourself increasingly struggling with your focus, memory, and brain function, you may be wondering whether there are all-natural ways of expanding your mental processes. This is where herbal teas come in.

These are excellent, all-natural ways of speeding up your mental processes and increasing your health levels. But which teas provide the most support for focus, memory, and brain function, you ask? Here are some of our top suggestions to get your cognitive functions back on track.


When we focus on one thing at a time, we’re able to put all of our attention onto it without getting distracted by our surroundings. There are 3 main types of attention. These are:

  • Selective attention – This is where your brain can only focus on a single thought or action at a time, and ignores everything else.
  • Divided attention – This means that your brain processes information from different sources at once and alternates your attention between them when it is required.
  • Sustained attention – This means that the brain remains fixated on a single task for a considerable period of time even though there are distractions.


Memory is a brain function that involves storing, retaining, and then retrieving vast amounts of information when you need it the most. The efficiency of your memory relies heavily upon how well you conduct all of these processes and how many details you can recall later on. 

So, if you want to remember something accurately, your brain must be exposed to the information for it to then be encoded and stored. This is essential otherwise you will remember things incorrectly, and might even leave out some really important details which is never a good thing! 

Brain Function

To be able to perform tasks on a day-to-day business and maintain your general health and wellbeing, you’ve got to ensure that your brain is working at peak performance. 

Healthy brain function has a large impact on many aspects of your life. It impacts how you focus, think, communicate with others, and make decisions – all of which require a clear mind and, consequently, an ability to acknowledge, process, and then remember significant information.

As people age, they often experience a gradual decline in their cognitive function. This makes them more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and potentially dementia. 

However, individuals who are exposed to extreme levels of stress are also very likely to experience issues with their brain function. This is when supplementary herbal teas can prove to be very effective.

 8 Best Teas For Focus, Memory, And Brain Function

It might surprise you to find out that everyday herbs can increase memory, focus, and brain function. In fact, many herbal teas have distinct medicinal properties that make them an excellent addition to any diet.

Ginger Tea

Freshly brewed ginger tea has a distinctive aroma and spiciness to it that makes it quite an addictive taste, as long as your palate is accustomed to it, of course. But its taste and scent are just two small factors that make this tea the best way to enhance your focus, memory, and brain function.

Ginger is a root herb that is more commonly used as a spice. However, it is a known fact that drinking ginger tea or eating ginger snaps can have a variety of medicinal benefits such as helping to ease stomach pains, reduce chronic inflammation, and also help to ebb away feelings of nausea. 

This is because this herb is loaded with compounds including shogaols and gingerols that are great for your brain and your body!

In fact, according to a 2012 study of healthy middle-aged women, daily doses of ginger extract have been shown to improve the rate of working memory, reaction time, and your cognitive function.

Ginkgo Biloba Tea

The Gingko Biloba tree has been a big part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Its leaves have been used as an effective way of treating brain and circulatory problems and also respiratory conditions. It’s now sold mostly in tea and supplement form which supports memory and overall brain health.

This means that any Ginkgo Biloba tea that you choose to consume will not only begin to gradually improve the amount of blood flow to your brain, but will also act as an antioxidant to protect your body against free radicals which play a role in cancer and heart diseases. 

Drinking herbal tea or extracts derived from this particular plant can help to keep your brain alert, increase your ability to remember things, and will also reduce cognitive impairment caused by ageing. Ginkgo tea might provide a moderate boost to the mind of a healthy individual, but results vary from person to person. 

Ginkgo biloba extract has also shown to improve a number of cognitive processes in elderly people with impaired working memory, including those with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Ginseng Tea

Ginseng has been used for centuries because of its antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Ginseng also increases circulation to the brain which increases its ability to function.

Its capabilities in increasing performance, while also sharpening focus and preventing memory loss are what sets it apart from other herbal teas. Ginseng is also an adaptogen meaning it will help your body to reduce the effects of physical and cognitive stress as swiftly as possible. 

In fact, at least some of ginseng’s cognitive-boosting power is due to its anti-fatigue effects. That’s not all. Ginseng also boosts energy, focus, stamina, and endurance. It does all this without causing a “sugar crash.”

Ginseng health benefits are backed by research that suggests the main active ingredient in the root plant, ginsenosides, contain neuroprotective agents. Ginsenosides can play a role in the prevention and treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Gotu Kola Tea

Gotu kola is great for increasing working memory and improving the overall rate of cognitive function, increasing your ability to focus as a result.

It is mostly used as a brain tonic and also as a natural treatment for several cognitive disorders. Overall, it can be used to effectively enhance the memory of its user thanks to its active compounds including Asiatic acid.

There are some claims that this particular tea provides a natural way to manage age-related cognitive decline thanks to its memory-enhancing abilities. This is especially effective in elderly individuals who struggle with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a known risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

The antioxidant effect of this tea has a positive effect on the body and the mind, and appears to reduce the risk of a cognitive decline. It also sharpens memory in return and reduces the effects of oxidative stress, helping the consumer to lead a far more relaxed life.

Green Tea and Matcha

Both of these beverages will both provide you with a natural energy boost without the risks associated with a sugar or caffeine crash. 

Green tea continues to maintain its popularity thanks to the fact it has been proven to provide increased energy levels and health benefits to its consumers. It is soothing on the mind and body, and has been proven to reduce anxiety and enhance brain function.

While green tea does help to increase focus, memory, and brain function, it is matcha that appears to have the most promising cognitive effects. Matcha contains the compound L-theanine which helps to keep your brain in a calm state while simultaneously improving your mental clarity.

Matcha green tea contains a mixture of L-theanine and caffeine which provides the drinker with extended energy levels without the risk of feeling the crash or jitters usually associated with drinking a hot caffeinated beverage. This is because the compounds balance each other, meaning caffeine has less of an effect – increasing focus levels as a result. 

Rosemary Tea

If you’ve ever enjoyed the taste of Rosemary extract or the smell of its flowers, then you’re likely already experiencing the benefits of its memory-boosting properties.

The rosemary plant has been used in traditional medicine to solve a variety of ailments. It contains a specific antioxidant called carnosic acid that provides a layer of protection to stop your brain from degenerating. This is because it has the capabilities to regulate any inflammation that may be occurring.

A recent study suggests that rosemary extract can have a positive impact on long-term memory and focus. This highlights the effectiveness of Rosemary extract as a natural way of easing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease while also emphasizing its role as a preventer of extreme cognitive decline.

If you struggle with your long-term memory, then it might be a good idea to introduce Rosemary tea into your diet to see if it makes a difference.

Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea can be a healthy addition to your herbal tea regimen if you’re looking to use it to achieve greater focus and a better night’s sleep. Having a significant amount of rest each day is an essential part of our lives that continues to be strongly linked to an improvement in focus, alertness, memory, and overall brain function.

Memory lapses and mild forgetfulness are completely normal things to experience as you age. These symptoms are also pretty typical if you’re experiencing significant stress in your life, such as work, school, or your personal life. 

That being said, it won’t hurt to supplement your lifestyle with a cup of spearmint tea a few times a week! You may find that this soothes and calms your mind enough for you to focus.

In fact, incorporating this tea into your diet is the most gentle, natural way to improve your mood, sleep, and your cognitive performance, so we’d strongly recommend it. 

Yerba Mate Tea

If you’re craving an energy drink for the boost that it gives you, why not try a cup of Yerba Mate Tea instead? Not only is it a natural way of increasing energy, focus, physical and work performance, but it also means that you aren’t consuming artificial ingredients. 

Traditional Yerba Mate tea is brewed from dried twigs and leaves of yerba mate. This plant is native to South America and is used for weight loss, relieving digestive problems, and also as a way to replenish energy levels.

Yerba Mate Tea has 85 mg of caffeine per cup. This means it contains less than a cup of coffee, yet still has a lot more caffeine than normal tea. It is also considered a healthy alternative to coffee minus the jitters and lethargy that comes with the coffee crash.

Thanks to a mix of caffeine and theobromine compounds, Yerba Mate is able to boost mental alertness, focus, and energy. This tea is also rich in nutrients and antioxidants. However, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on your diet alone.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are quite a lot of effective teas on the market that will help to improve focus, memory, and brain function. Some are more effective than others at increasing physical energy, while others are better at helping the mind to relax enough so that you can focus. 

There isn’t a bad choice in this list. Instead, you should look at the benefits of each type and see which one suits your needs the most. Hopefully you have found a tea that suits your needs.

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