Whether you need a daily dose of food porn, have a go-to site for recipes or just want to be distracted by some delicious writing/pictures for a bit, there’s probably a blog you’ll peruse. While there are innumerable blogs about all things culinary floating around the internets, we’ve compiled a list of the top food blogs (other than us, of course) to check out when you’re looking for a foodie fix.

1) Amateur Gourmet


?The lovely and talented Adam Roberts runs this blog about the New York food scene, as well as his cooking adventures (and sometimes misadventures). An inspiration to ambitious home cooks as well as general food bloggers, this internet oasis is a mix of information, humor, videos and awesome comic book-style posts.

Recent posts we liked (and one old one you HAVE to see):
Chutzpah, Truffles & Alain Ducasse (the one you HAVE to see)
Do-it-yourself Dumplings
How to Host a Vegetarian Dinner Party

2) Serious Eats

For all things food; recipes, restaurant reviews (but only in the larger metropolitan areas), videos, discussions and everything you’d want or need in a food e-zine, head to Serious Eats.

Recent posts we liked (be warned, you have to create a free account before viewing some things–annoying, but worth it):
How much do you know about Indianapolis food culture?
Cakespy: Sweet and Salty Super Bowl Brownies

3) Refrigerator Soup


?A blog that is a conglomeration of pictures, featured recipes and posts from other food blogs, it’s like an encyclopedia of beautifully illustrated recipes from around the world. From appetizers to healthy eating, there’s no need for Google when you’re looking for something to whip up, just head straight to the site and start searching.

Since the site changes daily, we don’t have any specific picks for this one. They’re all awesome. Seriously…

4) Dr. Miggy’s Blog for Busy Folks on Tight Budgets

Dr. Miggy makes healthy stuff for people on tight budgets (as stated in the title of her blog). The difference is, she makes things that seemingly taste good and don’t make you feel like you’re missing out. Plus, she’s a PhD, occasionally uses the f-bomb and looks great in a bikini.

Recent posts we liked:
Winter Greens and Potato Casserole
Buttered Leeks and Radishes



?A place for some ridiculously stunning food pictures and a little blogging thrown in for good measure, Tartelette has a cool name and great dessert ideas. Oh, if you need your recipes in Francais, they’ve got you covered.

Recent posts we liked:
Lemon Goat Cheese Cheesecakes with Blood Orange Sauce
Sugar Coma, Get Your Fix in Atlanta

6) Orangette

If you’re into actually reading blogs, this one creeps to the top of the list. Anyone using a Twilight reference to explain their love of caramel corn is OK in our book (sorry straight dudes).

Recent posts we like:
For ever and ever
The Very Definition

7) Smitten Kitchen


?Cool name, great recipes, real ingredients, all combined by a lovely New York gal who cooks in a tiny kitchen in her tiny apartment. Great pictures too!

Recent posts we like:
Chana Masala
Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onion

Honorable Mentions (Very Honorable At That):

David Lebovitz
A view of Paris and pastries from an uber-talented chef.

For the Love of Baking
Cookies, cakes and chocolates, oh my! Be prepared to convert recipes from the metric system, though, as the author hails from an intriguing land called Indonesia. If you can make it through the pop-ups on the site, the recipes are truly magical.

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