?There is a theory that states, “if you put marinara and lots of melted mozzarella cheese on a chewy crust, it will taste good no matter what toppings accompany those elements.” It’s a theory that belongs to us here at Daily Fork, but a theory nonetheless. Here are a few unusual pizza toppings that challenge or enhance that theory.

6) Hot Dogs

What’s better than two awesome junk food dishes? Two awesome junk food dishes combined in a third junk food dish. Take the “hot dog pizza-dillas,” for instance. Yes, it sounds like a Rachael Ray concoction because that’s precisely what it is. Quesadillas made with pizza and hot dog ingredients. This woman has her own television show?

5) Green Tomatoes

They’re not just fried anymore. Toss in some manchego and call it gourmet. I think the buttermilk ranch is best left off this green tomato goodness, however. Throw in a bonus unsual pizza topping of concord grapes if you visit the link that inspired this one.

4) Kimchi

As the kitschy souvenir shot glasses from Korea say, “Koreans do it spicy and fermented.” It shouldn’t come as a shock that the most popular condiment in Korea has landed on top of a pizza.

3) Carrots, Corn, Peas, Heart of Palm, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Sticks, Chicken Hearts

Along with a winning bid for the 2016 Olympics, the Brazilians have some of the most unusual pizza toppings in the world, which ironically, are the same toppings they use for their hot dogs. Sao Paulo is the New York of Brazil when it comes to the cheesy pies, and green peas are the pepperoni. Weird, but equally delicious in its own right.

2) Elk Sausage

What kind of sausage would you expect in Idaho? As seen on TV (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to be exact), this family-owned pizza slingin’ joint makes their own spicy sausage to put on their Wild Forest Mist pizza with ingredients listed as: elk, wild mushrooms and rainbows.

1) Squid and Mayonnaise

The Japanese like cameras, electronics, tiny things, anime and pop stars. They apparently also like seafood and mayonnaise on their pizzas. In fact, the website dedicated to exposing the world to such enigmatic feats of Italian perversion also translates the menu from a pizza place in Tokyo. We found the above-mentioned toppings under the heading of “ideal taste of sea goodness and mayonnaise!”

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