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?Pleasing the canine, feline and possibly even human palates, these ridiculously gourmet-sounding vittles are just another way for us to humanize our pets and treat them to a Michelin starred feast. Here are a few of the bites humans might find appetizing as well.

1) Fancy Feast

We all know cat people can be a little off their rockers, but a whole line of food by Fancy Feast labeled “Appetizers” seems a bit extreme for even the most doting of feline fanatics. Some of the dishes include: seabass and shrimp appetizer in a delicate broth, steamed tilapia in a delicate broth and all other sorts of fish or fowl in a delicate broth. They also have a line called Elegant Medleys, which claims to be restaurant-inspired food for cats. No kidding. They’re divided into categories like Tuscany, Primavera, Florentine and Souffle. Pretty fancy indeed for a creature that craps in a gravel-filled box, licks its own privates and coughs up hairballs.

2) Beggin’ Strips

Anything that looks, smells (and probably tastes) like bacon is pretty appetizing to us humans…well, those of us who aren’t Jewish, vegetarian or opposed to the process of raising swine for the slaughter. Their commercials are pretty catchy too, but we’re confident dogs don’t know it’s not bacon because they don’t know that peanut butter’s not bacon, or anything else for that matter. It doesn’t mean that we haven’t been tempted to bite off a piece before handing it over to Spot.

3) Fromm Duck and Sweet Potato

It was only a matter of time before Goofy tried to eat Daffy, but now the day has come where the dog and duck cannot live in harmony. Other than the retriever from the Nintendo game “Duck Hunt“, we’re pretty sure the little quackers weren’t currently on any pup’s menu until now. Throw in a side of sweet potato, and voilĂ , you’re dog is more of a foodie than you.

4) Polar Pups-frozen Treats

Ice cream for dogs? Yes, now they’ve thought of everything. Beggin Banana, Barkin Apple, Puppy Nutter (which almost sounds obscene) and Berry Bite can be your pet’s new craving. Polar Pups, a company offering these frozen concoctions in the Chicago, Wisconsin and Michigan (because it’s so hot there year ’round), are the brains behind this treat that sounds pretty delicious for any mammal, including homo sapiens – that’s us in case you haven’t brushed up on your anthropology terms lately.

5) Party Animal Organic Chicken, Artichoke, Blueberries and Apples with Vegetables

This sounds vaguely familiar. Perhaps it was a menu item on the cruise we took last year, or the offerings from the special three-course dinner gum from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Whichever it may be, it’s another dog food that sounds rather enticing for human consumption. If it’s a choice between this or ramen and a tuna sandwich, we’re not 100 percent sure we’d go with the latter. Move over, Rover.

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